I'm Katie Coles, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor  (CIMI) and mother to Finley, who  I gave birth to in January 2014 and Freya who joined us in December 2017.

When Finley was 6 weeks old I took him to a baby massage class and found this was a great way to bond with him and learn new techniques I could take home and use for life.


When Finley was 12 months old I decided I didn't want to return to my previous job full time because the hours were too long and I decided to retrain in something I was really interested in;babies!

Now I get to meet so many amazing parents and babies and feel honoured to play a tiny part in their journey whilst doing a job i love.


My Training

I  trained in baby massage with Sylvie Hetu who has helped  establish the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) in over 35 countries and has written books on Infant Massage.  Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives


I am passionate about the power of nurturing touch and the love and comfort that can be provided with simple skin on skin techniques and the sound of your voice.
The techniques you will learn  are all simple  but highly effective and it is a privilege to witness the bonding process evolving  and developing throughout the course and the amount of eye contact and smiles between parents and their babies growing. 
I also love the way baby message can be used as a natural remedy to help babies ease some of the pains and discomfort they can experience and help them to relax and be comforted.

IAIM Baby Massage is aimed at newborns up to 1 year olds, but I will also teach you how to adapt the massage as your baby grows and moves more!

 The massage promotes the use of nurturing touch. Regardless of your birth experience; baby massage is a special bonding time for you and your baby, and has health and social benefits for you and your family.

Baby massage is not just a short course for you to complete it is a life long skill to  be used to be used as a tool bringing comfort and connection between parent and child from birth to adulthood.

I really enjoy playing a tiny part in helping parents and babies at the start of that journey.





"When a baby is born ...a mother is too."