What is Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is a fantastic opportunity for you and your baby to spend quality one on one time together bonding.

I will teach you massage techniques that you will be able to use at home, incorporating massage time into your daily routine.

The classes are relaxed and baby led, including time for theory and parent discussion on baby related topics.


Only you will massage your baby, I will demonstrate all the strokes on a doll.  We ask permission from the baby before massaging and follow their cues. This helps develop communication and trust.


About the Classes

There are 5 classes in the course, one a week for consecutive weeks, each lasting an hour.


You will learn the IAIM massage routine, a colic routine, gentle movements and Touch Relaxation.


You will learn a new body part each week and review what you learnt the week before.

I will provide all the course materials, bottles of oil and handouts to take home.

I teach private classes or groups of friends in the comfort of your own home.

Group courses are £65 for the 5 week course.

Private classes are £100 per course*

(*additional mileage for private courses more than 5 miles from Chesham.)

The course is suitable for babies from birth to one year old.


The class is open to all parents and primary caregivers.

The IAIM Curriculum


The International Association of Infant Massage is the largest and longest standing worldwide organisation dedicated solely to infant massage.


The IAIM baby massage course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology.

 Benefits of Baby Massage for everyone 


There are four main areas of benefit:


  • Bonding

  • Relaxation

  • Relief

  • Stimulation

Baby Massage can help with:

  • Relief from Colic, Wind and Constipation

  • Reduces crying and improves sleep

  • Helps baby feel secure and safe

  • Helps you feel close to your baby

  • Gives you an  increased understanding of your baby

  • Builds a strong bond between you and your baby

  • Learning a life-long skill and adaptations for your growing child




"After using the colic routine for a few weeks now I would say my baby's colic has improved so very glad I came to the class."

Uzma, Hemel Hempstead.


" Baby led, non stressful, calm and friendly atmosphere. Katie was an excellent calming presence and clear instructor."

Jayne, Chesham.


"Wished there were more than 5 classes! These classes gave us a reason to leave the house once a week!"

Louise, Rickmansworth.

"Very relaxed and friendly, learned lots and baby loved it."

Laura Hall, Epsom

"The class is structured well, not too much information at once. Katie was very patient, listening to everyone and taking the class at a pace to suit."

Georgie, Rickmansworth.


"Loved seeing the positive reaction in baby as weeks progress and building up our connection through touch. She was always very content after class and it definitely relaxed her,heping her sleep.

Clear instruction leaflets make it easy to follow at home."

Jane, Chesham